Royal Courts

This is a list of the major political players relevant to Cyrpus and a brief blurb about them. A list of wikipedia links can be found at the bottom of the page. I also drew from the section on Mythic Europe in the 4th edition Ars Magic book. Courts followed the king and the king often moved from place to place. Places I mention are where courts associated with a particular king are most often held.

Court of King Henry of Cyprus.

In Nicosia , the capital of Cyprus, Court is held around King Henry I a boy of 4. Practically, his mother (as reagent) and his uncle, Phillip of Ibelin rule the Island.

Court of Frederick the II, the Holy Roman Emperor.

Fredrick is a King of Kings and one of the most powerful men in Europe in 1220. His court is now being held in Sicily, the largest Island in the Mediterranean and the major political player in the area. Fredrick’s Court includes Islamic Scholars, Astrologers, travelers from strange lands, and of course: Hermetic Mages. Many believe that Fredrick is the anti-christ given his gradual conquest of the known world. The court of King Henry I of Cyprus fears him. Their fear is well founded — If history in the game goes the way it went in reality. In only 4 years young King Henry I will be face to face with an invasion by Fredrick the 2nd leading one of the greatest armies in Europe.

Court of King Phillip II of France.

When the king is not off at war he holds court in Paris. The King is getting older and a life time of military conquest is catching up with him.

The Crusader States of Tripoli and Antioch.

Tripoli and Antioch are ruled by Count Bohemond IV of Antioch, he technically owes fealty to Jerusalem. Antioch believes that Isabella the II is the heiress of Jerusalem and not Henry I. Regardless, Count Bohemond is infamous for breaking fealty as it suits his war torn state. Antioch is generally too busy fighting other crusader states, the Seljuc sultanate, or Saladin to worry much about anything else.

The Nicaean Empire (in modern day western Greece).

Ruled by the despotic emperor Epirus, the Nicaean is one of the remnants of the Byzantium empire. The rest of Europe rejects them for not being catholic and Cyprus worries that they will one day try to retake the island. The empire of Nicaea also controls the city of Rhodes which is relatively close to Cyprus.

The Republic of Venice.

A wealthy city state which has extended its power throughout Europe. Venice right now controls most of the ports in present day Italy, most of Constantinople, and the island of Crete. They also have their eye on the kingdom of Cyprus which engages in a great deal of trade with Crete, Venice, and other Italian city states. They are about to sign a treaty with the Mongols of all people!

Court of King James of Aragon and Catalonia (around modern day Spain and Portugal).

King James is now only 12 but history will name him “The Conqueror” for his wars against the moors. Young king James also controls the second largest island in the Mediterranean, the kingdom of Sardinia, and is therefore a respected power in the area.

Court of King Sancho of Navarre.

Navarre is on the border between modern day France and Spain. King Sancho The Strong holds court in Navarre. He uses court law to seize money from churches and guilds to finance his extravagant life style.

Court of King Andrew the II of Hungary.

Andrew uses his court to maintain high taxes and confiscate property. He is growing increasingly unpopular.

Court of Levin the Magnificent of the Armenian kingdom of Cilicia (in Southern Turkey today).

Leo has recently established his kingdom after severing his ties to the Byzantines. To keep his fledgling state in power he has a great deal of politicking to do. So far he has been successful at building ties with the templars and hospitlers. Later in the century (if history happens the way it did) the royalty of Cilicia will become great allies with the royalty of Cyprus and their families will intermarry.

The Ayyubid Sultanate.

The successors of Saladin who now rule Jerusalem, Syria, and Egypt. While Christian pilgrims are allowed into Jerusalem this Muslim Kingdom periodically clashes with Europe and the crusaders.

The Seljuq Sultanate Sultanates.

A Muslim kingdom in present day Iran/Iraq. They are about to be crippled by the Mongol invasion.

Isabella the II Heiress of Jerusalem.

Many consider her to be the legitimate heir of Jerusalem. She is currently living in Acre on the coast of present day Israel. She will one day marry Fredrick the II in a gambit to gain back the Holy City of Jerusalem.

Besides the section on Mythic Europe in the Ars Magica 4th edition rules, I used some of the following Wikipedia articles:

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Royal Courts

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