Character Creation

Having Trouble coming up with ideas for your mage, companion or grog? Check out my list of Character Ideas

Character Creation Guidelines

  • We will be using basic character creation from the 4th edition Ars Magica rules. The rules can be downloaded for free online at: Ars Magica 4th Edition
  • I recommend everyone start by making a Grog, even if you do not plan on playing the grog it is quick, it gives you a sense of how character creation works, and it fills out the covenant.
  • Use a point buy system to get your characteristics instead of a die rolling system.
  • There will not be much combat in the game. When combat does occur
    I will try to shorten it to only one or two rounds. This should be Just enough to give
    characters a chance to use any combat related skills/powers while allowing for the rolls
    dice to simulate random chance. It is fine to make a combat oriented character, but you
    should realize the limited role of combat in the game before doing so.
  • age: There were different views on maturity in 1220 Europe and people did not live as long. We will say that 15 is full grown, 25 is in your prime, at 35 your are beginning to age. At 45 you are considered a fairly old man or woman. People start to die of old age between 55 and up depending on what your lifetime nutrition has been like (yes, that is built into the system.)
As far as mechanics, you get rewarded with additional points to buy abilities for starting with an older character. The major limiting factor is if you are much older than 35 you need to start making age checks. See aging in the rules on page 181 of the rules book. The system is fairly harsh and if you start in your mid to late 40s you could easily begin the game severely crippled.

Mages can temporarily escape the effects of aging through creating longevity potions. It possible for a mage to live to be 100 or even longer. Longevity potions need to be researched individually (no two are alike). They take time to research, time that could be spent mastering spells. Usually a young mage out of apprentice ship will be around 25 – 35 years old. The one Mage character I have heard from is 27, which is a good choice. Of course, whether making a mage, grog, or companion you could choose to start old and be more powerful then the other players. I am going to ask that people not do this unless it is really part of the character.

  • Where do I live? If you are a mage you have a sanctum which includes living quarters and a laboratory at the old Monastery of Agios Minas. The monk order that lived here abandoned it long ago and the “monestary” is now run by mages and serves as their base.

Peasant Grogs who work the land or provide food or services to other grogs usually live in the nearby village of Pegeas.

Grogs who perform services for the monastery usually live within its walls. This includes servants, cooks, construction men, and the soldiers who defend the chantry. Companions come and go more than either grogs or mages. They often stay at the monastery but sometimes choose to stay with the peasants in the village.

  • What Languages do I speak? If you are a local your native language is probably Byzantine Greek. If you came to cyprus with the crusaders then any European language is possible: English and French for example. The nobility on Cyprus speaks English as their native language. Educated individuals will speak latin as well. NOTE: I will be giving everyone who is not a local and lives at the covenant basic verbal proficiency in Byzantine Greek. For those who are local and are living in the covenant I will give you basic speaking skills in Latin and possibly the ability to read a small bit of Latin (depending on your background).
  • For mages, one way to quickly get a combination of arts is to choose one of the following: Specialist — 16,4,2,1 ; Dual Art — 12 11 13 ; Concentrated — 10 10 8 2 1 ; Widely Adept — 7, 7, 7, 7, 7, 4. While being able to do a range of magic types might be fun, often specializing in a few arts is how to access powerful magic.
  • For Mages: I recommend not spending all of your starting points to buy spells that are in the list in the book. Just pitch one or two ideas at me for new spells your character invented and if we agree on something I can hammer out the details.
  • For Mages: Along those lines you (usually) get 150 points of spell levels to start with. I am going to give you 15 free additional spell levels (bringing the total to 165). This will be for the purpose of starting with a spell unique to your character. It represents the spell your character invented at the end of their apprenticeship to prove themselves as a wizard. Feel free to pitch some ideas at me and we can take it from there. If you are stumped let me know, and I will pitch some ideas at you.

example characters

I am going to make some NPCs and put them up as example characters. Look at these if you want a feel for character creation. Note: these will be real characters in the game but I will share their character sheets.

Example Grog:

Billy Bogel, stable-boy. See Billy’s Character Sheet Here

Example Companion:

Apion Edessa, Aging Warrior Monk. See Apion’s Character Sheet

Character Creation

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