Agios Minas covenant

Agios Minas was built near the sea on the North West side of the island of Cyrpus. While the covenant is relatively excluded, Cyrpus is small and densely populated: In the past year, the mundanes have noticed that the old monastery is being reoccupied. The covenant is ringed by green fields on three sides. Near to the north east lies the village of Pegeas which belongs to the magi of the covenant. The West side of the covenant overlooks a small beach and the Chrysochou Bay. On covenant grounds to the South West are the beginnings of the old woods, which fill the Western side of the Bay. The woods are said to still hold the dwellings of the Satyrs who once lived there and the remnants of the mystery cults that worshiped them. The monestary gives the impression of being cradled by the near-bye sea; it stinks of power, magic, and secrets.


Access: Supplies have once again begun to be harvested from the small but relatively
profitable village of Pegeas. While far from being wealthy, the covenant is well stocked on
mundane necessities.

Distance: While pegeas is nearby, getting fully stocked on supplies requires up to a days
travel to larger towns outside the covenant.

Seclusion: Until recently the covenant looked like a secluded village near an abandoned
monastery. As Carolina has begun rebuilding in the past year, curious
travelers have started dropping by regularly, up to twice a week. Because of the monastery
of Agios Minas, some travelers come expecting to deal with monks or to seek sanctuary.

Environment: The temperate climate and clean ocean air is great for your arthritis: +2 on
age rolls.


Size: The covenant consists of a medium sized monestary with a moderate amount of surrounding lands which are under the covenant’s control (includes Pegeas). Between the monestary itself and the village there is room at the covenant for 8 magi, 40 specialists and 100 grogs. A
large and impressive entrance hall to the monastery marks stands proud and sturdy. It is one of the few buildings to survive the templar’s assault and subsequent abandonment. A tower containing a rookery for hunting hawks and messenger pigeons is also mostly still standing and half way functional. Apion Edessa has tended the birds over the years and their are a few in the rookery now.

Quality: Besides the entrance hall much of the monestary is half ruined. The grogs are rebuilding but progress is slow. the main structure has been patched back together, but most of the covenant is in dreadful condition. Workers have been focusing on repairing the magi’s dwellings first.


Repair: The monastery is in steady disrepair, and it will need 40 pounds of silver a year in upkeep or things will get worse.

Vis Stock: Not all of the Vis was taken by the templar: they did not recognize much of it! There are 150 pawns of Vis in storage.


Reputation: None.


Supplies: Fairly well stocked in supplies from the labor of the peasants.

Allies: You all just got here, you have not had a chance to make friends.


Enemies: Of course you do not have any enemies. Why would anyone possibly not like you.


Contacts: Carolina has some spies, and treasure hunters, that she has established to keep information flowing to the covenant.

Income: The upside is that, Agias Minos has fertile land and productive peasents that could potentially supply it with a steady stream of income. The downside, is that after a generation of neglect the peasents handing over the fruit of their labor to a bunch of mages. You are currently taking in much less than is being generated by the land. You make a surplus of 50 pounds silver a year.

Vis Supply: The raw magical power of the land used to provide a plentiful stock of vis. A grove near the old wood produced a seasonal harvest of animal and herbam vis. Water from whirlpools in the bay near the monastery provided Aquam and Muto vis. Unusually large purple butterflies and other strange specimens flocking about the fields were a source of Mentem, Vim, and Creo vis. All of these sources seem to have vanished. It is unknown whether they have left the covenant lands, been hidden or stolen by enemies, or have just gone into hiding. For now only a puny 15 pawns of vis a year can be harvested.

Inhabitants: The monastery is moderately sized and can meet the needs of an average group mages. Between the village and monastery there is also plenty of space for grogs and companions. Agios Minas has the infrustrcuture to support 7 magi 20 specialists and 200 grogs. Of the grogs on the land there are roughly 150 in the village of Pegeas and at any time 10 to 50 at the monastery.

Spells: The library was plundered by the mages who left to escape the templar. What is now available is only what Carolina Is willing to share, some donations from the tribunal when the charter was established, and what the other players bring. In total the library currently has 900 levels of spells.


Hermetic Books: Similar to spells, Agios Minas is also in dire need of rebuilding its once prestigious library of books on hermetic lore. There are only 270 points of books available.


Mundane Books: : these have been seen as even less of a priority given the sad state of the library. There are only 60 points of mundane books remaining.


Mystical Attributes.
Supernatural Aura: A strong sense of magic permeates covenant lands. From the mysteries of the mediternian to the aged secrets of the old wood, in its prime Agios Minas was a true strong hold of magic power. The aura of the covenant is 6.

Magical Items: some of the weaker ones are still around the rest were either taken by fleeing mages or stolen by the templar. Some of the items that are around were spoiled by the tinkering of the templar, or have gone defective over time. They are now dangerous to use. These items are mixed with the functional magic items and no one knows which is which. The covenant has 75 points of good magic items and 75 points of bad magic items.

Labroatory: The labs of the old magi were completely destroyed or demolished. Carolina has made it a priority to get labs in passing condition. Now they are only in a minor state of disrepair. All labs have a -1 associated with their use.

Agios Minas covenant

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