Billy Bogel

Stuttering Stable Boy


Billy is an ordinary grog who mostly just blends in. Those who pay attention to him notice that he is eerily observant.

Since Billy is an example character feel free to see his full character sheet:
Billy’s Character Sheet


Most Grogs and locals will know the following about Billy:

A dark cloud is said to follow around Billy causing bad luck to anyone around him. The boy was born to prosperous peasants but was so clumsy and awkward that he was mostly a hindrance in the fields and house. After he broke the third flagon of ale, Billy’s parents sent him from the village of Pegeas to the nearby manor of Agios Minas to be a stable boy. They hope to see him again… just not around their farm.

Billy helps tend the horses at Agios Minas.
He is trying to blend in and not to breaking anything. The few who have paid any attention to him have noticed that he is eerily observant.

Billy Bogel

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