Apion Edessa

aging militant monk


Apion has been with the covenant as long as anyone (except maybe Carolina) can remember. Rumors say that he belonged to the monastic order that occupied Agios Minas before the mages came. His loyalty to Carolina and the covenant is legendary. He survived the templar invasion and blended in with the Pegeas Grogs, returning to the ruins of the monastery after the Templar had left.

He was trained as a militant monk and in his day his skill with a spear and sword were unparalleled.

Now his hands shake with arthritis, his back and lungs are weak, and his memory gets a little worse every day. The templar gave him a nasty back wound that never entirely healed and some days it still aches. He sleeps with the spear by his bed. Should the covenant be invaded again he is prepared to ride into battle one final time.

Apion Edessa

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